Sunday, June 19, 2011

Still Ridin' Still Writin' - Update for the readers

I've continuously expressed my gratitude to all of the readers out there that followed this journey and have supported the adventure through words of encouragement and advice. I'm not going to stop now. Thank you again.

It seems that Betty is stuck in Florida, her story never rolling out of the sunshine state. The blog has come to a crawl, but rest assured, the writing has continued. In an effort to turn this crazy idea into a book, I've backed off of the blog for a while(a sedentary, cubed existence in corporate America hasn't exactly lent itself to cooking up inspiration either).

Since the last post, a lifetime dream has been realized and I was allowed the great opportunity to have a feature article published in Ride Maine - a biker pub out of, you guessed it - Maine. The people there were great to work with and while on the trek, I actually read last year's book cover-to-cover many times over.

Soul smiling, I'm both saddened and excited to say that while I attempt to chase a dream and turn this crazy idea into a lifestyle and actually earn a living from these wonky words, the blog will continue to be fairly inactive.

I will try to keep you updated on the successes and failures as I attempt to become a paid writer and see if this thing turns a corner.

If you're just burning for more tales from the road, and there are many, (a battle with a black bear, a tough-as-nails NYC cop breaking some rules, hang-gliding in a thunderstorm, soaking up beauty in Savannah just to name a few) please write me at

(full site coming soon)

I'd love to hear from you.

With the utmost sincerity,

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